Top 100 Links from Weblogs Updated From Work

If I’m understanding how the Weblogs.Com: Top-100 Links from Weblogs works:

This page lists the Top-100 pages linked to by the weblogs who pinged Weblogs.Com in the last three hours. The list is rebuilt once per day at noon Pacific.

Then it lists the top 100 links from weblogs that updated from 9am to noon Pacific, noon to 3 pm Eastern. Top 100 links from people who either don’t work, or blog at work, or are not in the US. Interesting.


Comment by Burningbird #
2002-03-29 19:13:16

Such as certain Userland folks who will go nameless….

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-03-29 23:37:43

I wish I’d paid more attention to it the first few days, when it was generated at midnight (presumably from people who posted from 9pm to midnight Pacific), to know how the numbers and entries changed.

Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-31 22:59:07

I’m trying to figure out how results 66-94 are all for the same page, and failing miserably.

Comment by Meryl Yourish #
2002-04-04 22:21:29

It’s no fun. It’s not a vanity thing, like the top 100 page reads, unless you’re one of those bloggers who a zillion people link to. Dumb idea, if you ask me. If we can’t talk about ourselves, what fun is it? :-)

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