The return of remote editing

Last week, I tried to talk up the Adminimizer Toolbar, an IE6 toolbar that acts as a Blogger API client, and lets you edit your previous posts, or add a new post, right in your blog page. Then I had to quickly backpeddle as I discovered some unexpected problems with the first version.

Well, it’s back, and I’d say it’s very, very nearly perfect. The biggest hurdle was pleasing the XHTML zealots, since the MSHTML routine it uses is a firm believer in uppercase HTML tags. But now the output is run through HTML Tidy, the open source HTML cleanup utility originally written by Dave Raggett of the W3C. The only way you are going to get cleaner code out of Blogger is to turn off “convert line breaks” and code every single <p> by hand (and if you are like me, when you get on a roll, you’ll end up forgetting a tag or three, and not end up with cleaner code). Wholeheartedly recommended: it’s quick, it’s handy, it’s elegant, and it’s a kick in the pants to be able to edit your blog right in the page.

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Comment by Shannon #
2002-03-29 12:14:41

Ooh. I’m so excited. New toy for me. :D

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