Rex James Trio

I haven’t quite convinced myself that I want to own it, but the Rex James Trio’s CD Out of the Wood Work is sorely tempting me. After all, one so rarely gets to hear anyone from North Dakota/north Idaho playing didjeridoo, and for reasons that aren’t quite clear to me, the idea of Alice in Wonderland done by an acoustic guitar, upright bass, and fiddle trio mostly from northern Idaho appeals to me. If nothing else, I want to remember to go back and tell RealAudio a few more time that I will not register it now, I will not register it later, I will not register it at all, so I can listen to the samples again.


Comment by Jodene =o) #
2002-05-13 03:14:44

Hi…. I found your link thru I really like your layout…. very clean! I’m a little perplexed that you want to hear didjeridoo music though….. haha…. tis a ’ell of a racket! I should know…. I live next door to the Aussies! (They are our windbreaker, but don’t tell ’em I said that!!)

Comment by Olli Savolainen #
2002-05-14 09:12:12

Hey, you.
Hossein Sharifi, the brain behind the YACCS commenting system told me that you’d have some ideas on how to export YACCS comments to Moveable Type? I’d be grateful if you told me about it, because, well, I’m in lo-ove… with MT.

BTW, like your site, as well. It’s… clean. I just don’t understand why did the people making MT put that capitalized text on those buttons. Luckily it’s easy to fix *winky wink*. =)

Comment by Olli Savolainen #
2002-05-14 11:50:05

Oops, forgot my e-mail.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-05-14 14:45:05

I really need to figure out some sort of a forum around here – I don’t mind in the least having comment threads hijacked, but then it’s hard for the next person in to guess what thread might have useful hijacked comments. In this case, it’s this throwaway post that has the first set of instructions for YACCS/Blogger to Movable Type. If you aren’t in a desperate hurry, I’ll get the instructions and a download ready before too much longer (it will require PHP, though, since I’m not good enough with Perl to try to parse two XML files and merge them just yet), and you can do it yourself. Meantime, if you are in a hurry, that comment thread has the instructions for what I need to do it for you: links to a copy of your CAIF export from YACCS and your Blogger blog exported as a simple XML file. I may not have enough time to write documentation tonight, but I certainly should have enough time to copy a couple of files around and email you the output file.

Comment by Dave #
2003-02-19 19:59:31

Hello, thank you for posting about my music, we are currently updating lots of stuff on the web page, we will be doing online radio broadcasts and have a live chat room also. There are many new downloads and a video of one of our premier performances here in North Idaho. And yes, didjeridoo is not that common among bands in the Pacific North West.

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