Picking a nit

John (see, I’m not mad at him) has yet another weblog glossary started over at Microcontent News, but I’m afraid I didn’t get very far at all before I had to quibble. “Blogrolling Definition: (noun)”? How could blogrolling be a noun? That list of links over on the side? That’s a blogroll. Blogrolling is link whoring without quite the flavor of sucking up to an inappropriate john-blog. See the definition of logrolling (though in logrolling’s case, even logroll is a verb, but no grammatical quibble is perfect).


2002-05-16 22:09:32

I’ve always thought of the noun ’blogroll’ to be at least a little cognate with the ’roll of honour’, while still nodding in the direction of the ’logrolling’ idea. Maybe that’s just me, though…

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-05-16 22:24:19

No, now it’s just us, at least.

I like that sense much better, since I don’t do (b)logrolling at all – if someone wants to link to me, that’s nice, and if I want to link to someone, I will, without expectation.

In fact, if it wasn’t such a horrible neoblogism, I would borrow Weinberger’s ”blogrolodex” name, since it more accurately describes how I use mine. I think of it as a side benefit that my readers can go elsewhere, and the people I link to get a little Google boost. Mostly it’s just my bookmarks for my daily reading.

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