We have a winner

CNN.com – Blogs take Web diaries to the next level:

“So, my favorite — the one I go to every day… is a site called Slash.com”

Really? Every single day you visit a site that hosts the personal pages of elementary school students in Regina, Saskatchewan? That’s not the sort of thing I’d admit on CNN, if it were me.

So now that, as Rogi says, we’ve seen the very worst possible article on blogging, will they stop trying to outdo each other for cluelessness?


Comment by Kafkaesquí #
2002-05-12 19:49:58

”…will they stop trying to outdo each other for cluelessness?”

What, and remove one of the best channels these days for unintended comedy? Other than any film by Jerry Bruckheimer, that is. Please, don’t clue them in!

Comment by Phil's Bitch #
2002-05-12 20:00:36

Hey! I happen to think ”The Rock” was an amazing piece of American cinematography, thank you very much. Take that back, or I shall taunt you a second time.

Comment by Michael #
2002-05-13 10:44:43

”So, my favorite — the one I go to every day … is a site called Slashdot.com. It’s a blog for techies.”

I thought the worst part was the insightful (not!) explanation of where the word ”blog” comes from.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2002-05-13 14:34:01

Had to figure they would fix the Slash.com eventually. Now if only someone would fix people’s idea that Slashdot and MeFi are blogs. They are community forums that look a fair bit like blogs, true, but I really think that there’s a qualitative difference, not just a quantitative difference in the number of people posting. ”Blogs are great! I love Slashdot and MeFi!”

Comment by Kafkaesquí #
2002-05-13 17:19:04

In regards to Slash(dot) and MeFi, mayhaps it’s time we introduced the term supah blog into our Web vocabulary.


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