Related entries plugin

From Kalsey Consulting Group and MT Plugin Foundry, a related entries plugin which gives you a container tag for “entries in the same category as this one” that you can use in all sorts of ways (Adam’s example is a list of the most recent three entries in the same category, displayed on an individual archive page, but I’m also thinking about things like a select menu of all the entries in the category, on the main page (and while I’m being bad like that, why not display them in a popup, since they are sort of tangential to the main flow)).

I’ll need a bit more granularity to my categories to really use it, though: with a half-dozen categories, and only two or three I ever use, it would just give me a mini-archive list. Hmm. That’s not a bad idea: if you have individual entry archives for your permalinks, so that people coming in from a link to a post are only seeing that page, maybe more than just the titles for the previous and next posts up at the top would be a good thing, for those times when you sandwich a good, linked-to post between “I need to wash my undies” and “What does ringworm look like, anyway?”


Comment by Adam Kalsey #
2002-07-07 10:56:34

At this point the plugin will only work on individual archive pages, due to a limitation in MT. In order to work, the plugin obviously has to run within the context of an entry. Since you can’t nest one MTEntries tag inside another (I’ve reported that as a bug), the only way to run Related Entries in the context of an entry is to use it on an individual archive page.

Comment by Adam Kalsey #
2002-07-07 11:03:14

Another thing…

The current entry doesn’t show up in the list of related entries. That’s intentional; since an entry is obviously related to itself, there’s no need to include it in it’s own list of related entries.

But this feature might make your mini-archive list idea behave in a manner you don’t expect.

If you wanted to remove this feature, you could remove lines 41-45 from the plugin code. Those lines read:

	my $i = 0;
	for my $e (@entries) {
		splice(@entries, $i, 1) if $e->id == $id;

The last thing to keep in mind if you have a list of related entries included in an old post, the list won’t automatically get updated when you place a new entry in that category. I plan to rebuild all my individual archives once a week or so to keep the related entries lists fresh.

Comment by tajuddin #
2002-08-21 23:03:17

I ha installed the plugin and used the tags given my
Mr.Adam Kasley in my individual archive Template + i had copied the program in the directory of my Movable Type but yet it does not work.

Though i have posted this problem on Mr.Adam kasley’s Blog i have posted it again but i am helpless i wanted to be through Related Entries as early as possible.


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