Fun with RDF

RDF can actually be fun, as long as you don’t foolishly invest too much ego in trying to store RSS 1.0, or wander off into flame wars. Burningbird explains the basics of RDF Query Language, with a priceless explanation of chaining queries to get from the thing you know to the thing you want to know.

Meanwhile, Marcus is working on a FOAF autocreation script which starts with your foaf:Person fragment and your OPML blogroll file (which you can get from your favorites), and builds a FOAF file from the people on your blogroll who’ve linked their FOAF file from the head of their HTML page.

And as Mark pointed out while I was distracted, Morten Frederiksen has built a FOAF explorer, to wander around our as yet rather small and closed FOAF network.


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2002-12-06 23:03:25

See? I’m friendly.

I have my very own FOAF (Friend of a Friend) file now. Read a bit more about FOAF

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2002-12-07 09:51:22

DNA checksums

After Phil Ringnalda noted on

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