A CD-worth of Shannon

I can’t return Sam’s code favor in kind, and I certainly can’t sing to him while he does something brilliant (God forbid!), but I can fall back on the one thing I’m good at: tracking stuff down and putting it in some sort of order that pleases me. So, for Sam or anyone else who liked Shannon and Scott’s Dreaming of Violets but stopped there, here’s my current songlist for my Shannon Campbell CD (be sure to burn at least two at a time: so far I’ve never once played it for someone without losing the CD to them):

  1. Shannon and Scott – Dreaming of Violets (redux)
  2. Folk You Harder – Josephine
  3. Shannon Campbell – Oblivion
  4. Shannon Campbell – What I Got
  5. Shannon Campbell – Blind
  6. Shannon Campbell – Losing Touch
  7. Folk You Harder – Swinging At Ghosts
  8. Folk You Harder – All Over Again
  9. Folk You Harder – Get A Little
  10. Folk You Harder – Spilled Milk
  11. Shannon Campbell – Oh, Carolina
  12. Folk You Harder – Resolution
  13. Folk You Harder – Telling Stories
  14. Shannon Campbell – Leaves Me Nothing
  15. Shannon Campbell – Less Like You

Forget 45 Seconds of Ecstasy, that’s 72 minutes of ecstasy.

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Comment by Shannon #
2002-11-11 16:18:32

Not a bad song order you’ve got there, actually. When I mock up track listings for my as-yet-unfinished CD (yeah, I do that), ”Less Like You” is always last, too. Although ”Oblivion” is always first.

I feel compelled to mention that ”Swinging at Ghosts” and ”All Over Again” are not my songs, though. They were written by the other half of Folk You Harder, Kerstin Hanson. Those are also her absolutely killer counter-vocals on ”Josephine.”

Anyway. You’re so cool, Phil.

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