So that’s what’s popular, eh?

I’m a bit surprised at just how few of the top sites by PageRank I’ve actually visited in the last however-long my browser’s history currently is…

  1. Yahoo
  2. Google
  3. AltaVista
  4. Amazon
  6. GNU (why? don’t remember)
  7. PHP
  9. Wired
  10. Yahoo Groups
  11. Mozilla
  12. The Onion
  13. Blogger

Maybe three or four others where I just go straight to some other URL like, but for the most part it’s just stuff I’ve got no interest in ever seeing.

Update: even stranger, if that’s actually the most commonly linked sites with the URL as the link text. That many people link to Blogger with Odd, very odd.


Comment by Ev. #
2002-11-24 13:55:08

I have trouble believing that explanation is true (links only with the ”http://”). I mean, the major reason Blogger would be on there is, clearly, because of Blogger-powered pages, and the powered-by button, which do not use that method.

However, it’s not PageRank, exactly, either, because Blogger has a higher page rank than some in the list before it.

It could, however, still be the raw most-linked-to list (PageRank being a more complicated algorithm, I believe.

Comment by Gerald #
2003-03-07 16:58:44

I believe the explanation is true. For instance the domain has a strong pagerank of 10, but the side is not listed under the top 1000 searches for http. This demonstrates that PageRank is not as important as most people believe.

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