My weblog is worthless

I know I’ve taken a bit too long a pause to think, but still it hurts to be told that my weblog is only worth $18.94. Especially since it only took me three weblogs that I know damn well link to me to find over $1000 in incoming links. Either there’s something I don’t grasp going on, or Seyed hates me.


Comment by Damelon Kimbrough #
2003-04-01 22:20:33

Your weblog isn’t worthless Phil, it’s just affordable.

Comment by Damelon Kimbrough #
2003-04-01 22:43:07

But there is obviously something wrong with the dumb thing if my blog is rating $260.65 to your $18.94. Maybe this Tom April-Foolery.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-04-01 22:56:38

Hey, you got a link from I Crap In A Box! Those are some seriously good comment counts.

Comment by Shannon #
2003-04-02 03:43:21

You know what’s *really* weird? I’m in the top 100, and I haven’t even looked at this thing yet.

Comment by KafkaesquĆ­ #
2003-04-02 05:27:34

…of a valuation system which places Kevin Sites Blog at #4 ($61.99/share), when it stopped operating over 7 business days ago!

And Dave Barry is at #5 ($69.47/share)? He’s on blog*spot, hence his operational and production facilities are no better than mine. And he’s not even that funny…


Comment by Eric Vitiello #
2003-04-03 04:24:27

Something is definitely up — mine is worth $118.87… at one point mine was worth $172.55! wow.

Trackback by Mentalized #
2003-04-08 06:47:30

That’s not worthless, this is

Phil Ringnalda concludes that his weblog is worthless at $18.94. I beg to differ, Phil, if you want to claim…

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