Blogging 101 : click your links

The xagronaut Chronicle:

I also make a practice of clicking the links I post to other people’s sites, just so I might pick up some traffic from those curious about their referrers.

Yes, yes, yes! One of the things I find most amazing about Technorati’s Link Cosmos is the number of links to my entries that I learn about there. If you link to an entry of mine, not only will the entry automatically link back to you, but the first time someone follows your link, it will email me a “your ears should be burning” alert. So unless you just posted the entry seconds ago, and Technorati’s crawler was waiting for the chance to index it that very second, I shouldn’t ever get any surprises there, but time and again I do. It’s hard enough getting anyone to notice you in all the blogging cacophony these days, without depending on the link-clicking kindness of strangers.

Whenever you post anything with even one link in it, the very next thing you should do is go to your weblog, click the permalink for the entry to be sure your archives haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, and then click every single link in the entry, to be sure that you really did link where you intended to link, and to be sure you’ll send at least one referrer to whoever you linked to.


Comment by Kafkaesquí #
2003-04-02 05:34:29

”and then click every single link in the entry”

You’ve just caused me to dump my 100 links per post initiative.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-04-02 07:45:26

Thank Ghu for that, anyway.

Shortly after I clicked ”Save” I got to thinking that the first response was going to be ”but I have thirty links in every post, I don’t have time to click them all!” Well, I think there might be a lesson there, if even the post author isn’t willing to click them all without needing to do more than just glance at what’s at the other end of the link.

Comment by Kafkaesquí #
2003-04-02 10:48:34

You should be proud. After all, do you honestly want people like me posting 100 links each and every time I send something blogwards? Come on!

Comment by Anders Jacobsen #
2003-04-02 09:34:43

Good post, Phil.

I usually do this too (seeing that I don’t seem to have enough readers to trust that even one of them will make it through the linkage… ;-)

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