Fresh SharpReader

New SharpReader version: from the announcement changelog:

Disable all on* (mouseover, load, etc.) Javascript events, defanging several good malicious ideas I’ve had, and making Ben Hammersley‘s ad-filled feed relatively safe to read again.

Fixed the bug that killed SharpReader when spacebarring through an item with no description. I was actually thinking earlier tonight about suggesting an option to turn off showing the HTML page for items without a description, since I just assumed it was an IE bug in the embedded browser taking down the whole program. I still think a “no web pages on my crappy dialup connection” pref would be nice, but adding prefs is a steep and slippery slope.

“Rudimentary” popup blocking. Any start is a good start: I forget just how bad popups have gotten, and then I use some poor IE-dependent soul’s computer, and remember just how much of my sanity I owe to Firebird.

What are you waiting for? Go get it.


Comment by Kevin Burton #
2003-07-30 21:12:47

You know… you could use NewsMonster and Firebird at the same time and you would get popup blocking for free!


Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-07-30 21:48:58

Do you solemnly swear that it really and truly, no question, no doubt, is uninstallable from Firebird now?

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