Web Panels and TBE

If you are going to install the latest Firebird nightly to play with the new Web Panels feature, and you depend on Tabbrowser Extensions for your day-to-day browsing, be sure you install the nightly in a new folder, with a new profile, and hang onto your existing older version for regular browsing: I managed to pummel TBE 1.8.2003070201 into coexisting with Web Panels, although the Single Window Mode that’s my favorite part of TBE doesn’t work, but I was completely unable to get 1.8.2003080401 to cooperate with Web Panels at all.


Comment by Roger Benningfield #
2003-08-03 19:52:48

Phil: OOC, am I the only one who is still suffering autocomplete crashes with 0.61?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-08-03 20:44:11

Say it isn’t soooooo!

Simon linked to the negative reviews on download.com, and reading through them they are almost all the result of autocomplete crashes (often, followed by lashing out at other parts, but seeming to stem from autocomplete crashes).

As to whether they are gone or not, I don’t really know: I haven’t had one since last fall, when they were horrible in 0.4 or thereabouts. In fact, I’m not even sure whether the current ones being talked about are from ”Do you want to remember the values you filled in” autocomplete (never use it, myself) or from the dropdown that you get when you start to type your Name: in this comment field (which I’m slowly learning to trust again after all those months when it was a nightmare in the making).

Have to ask the standard questions: did you unzip to a new directory, not just overwrite an old one, and did you create a new profile? If not, the powers that be will just stick their fingers in their ears and say ”la-la-la-la” until you do.

Comment by alanjstr #
2003-08-04 06:31:50

Yep, and I’m one of them. Personally, I never encountered the crasher, but I don’t think I’ve heard anyone complain about it lately. They’ve broken other things, instead.

TBE … has always had its own set of problems. Piro usually gets them fixed pretty fast, especially once FB hit 0.6.

I find the MozillaZine forums to be very helpful.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-08-04 10:57:04

Reading threaded comments out of context really doesn’t work well: I’d forgotten the ”powers that be” part, so reading the notification email, I was thinking ”wait a minute, alanjstr gave FB a negative review on download.com?!?”

I don’t know what to do about the TBE situation. The only thing that makes sense to me is to fold the most useful and dangerous parts into the browser, where they are less likely to get broken and collide all the time, but there’s no guarantee that my essential bits wouldn’t be Hyatt’s ”worst feature ever.” Undo close tab and single window mode, both of which involve lots of deep mucking for an extension and both of which make a browser far less annoying, do seem like core features, though.

Comment by Roger Benningfield #
2003-08-08 16:30:26

Phil: It isn’t so. [grin] Turns out that I hadn’t set 0.6.1 as the default browser, so about 50% of the time, I was still cruising around in 0.6. It was user error, pure and simple.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-08-08 18:39:18

Plenty of opportunity for that: every time I change my user-agent to get around something, I forget and leave it changed for days, until either just before or (usually) just after submitting a bug report that’s actually the result of my wandering around claiming to be IE.

Trackback by izzy|wizzy #
2003-08-07 16:24:40

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