What blog-clog was that, again?

Stan was having trouble getting xmms on Redhat to play the Whole Wheat Radio stream, and although I’m nobody’s source of Linux advice, I can search pretty well, so I gave it a shot. First result on Google right now for “xmms redhat” is a blog entry, which direct-links to an RPM for RH 8, but a little URL-hacking leads to the Guru Labs download page, where halfway down there are Red Hat 8 and 9 RPMs to let xmms play MP3s. Little or no chance of that page ever coming up very high in any sort of “xmms (redhat|red hat|mp3)” search, since there’s a ton of other text on the page, but thanks to someone taking the time to write a blog entry about something useful they found, I went almost right to it.

What was that Google blog-clog thing supposed to be about?


Comment by Marcus #
2003-08-22 04:36:32

I wondered why this sounded familiar, but then I remembered that I also posted about XMMS and the MP3 RPM a while back (after a search for ”digiboy xmms”).

I can’t remember if I ever installed it, though, as I haven’t used Linux in quite some time. I’ll have to work out how to get my ADSL modem and wireless card working sometime.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-08-22 07:38:31

Please don’t use the words L—- and m—- that close together: brings up nightmares.

Comment by kevin #
2003-08-22 21:17:06

Love those guys at GURU lab……..

Comment by Shannon #
2003-10-22 20:24:16


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