Come home to Pie

I like Pie.

When Sam Ruby first started talking about a new weblog syndication format, one which would allow you to unambiguously have a <title>&lt;title&gt;The title&lt;/title&gt;</title>, and which would allow to you use relative URLs in the <description> (the only two advances that really interest me), he created a wiki and named it Pie.

I like Pie.

Once the furiously undirected wiki energy turned on the naming question, they apparently decided that this trademark application made Pie unusable as a name, despite the fact that according to the FAQ it should have been marked abandoned back in May.

I still like Pie.

As of Wednesday, August 20th, the USPTO has properly marked the application for Pie as a trademark (by a company since merged into another company which is using Piie instead) as Abandoned: No Statement of Use filed after Notice of Allowance was issued. Pie doesn’t have a trademark problem.

I like Pie.


Comment by Arve #
2003-08-22 09:15:49

Hm. Pie was one of the names I quickly mentally abandonded because I thought it would run into all sort of trademark problems, not because I didn’t like it.

I like quiche, err. Pie.

Comment by Michael #
2003-08-22 12:36:26

I was never that big a fan of Pie because I unfortunately associate the term now with one Dwayne Johnson.

I did like both Echo and Atom. These days I think I am learning toward Zing. But if Pie makes a comeback…

Comment by Asbjørn Ulsberg #
2003-08-25 05:10:42

I don’t think Pie is a good name. There were and are many other proposals that beats it in every direction, but there’s still no name that cuddles me the same way Echo did.

I like Echo.

Comment by Singing Banzo #
2003-08-25 07:05:22

Why don’t you add it to the current proposals?

Comment by Jonathan Smith #
2003-08-30 07:38:12

I like Pie, too. Someone recently noted on the wiki that it is available since the trademark protection had expired.

Since Sam is an IBM employee, I tried an Arthur C. Clark transposition. Somehow ”ohd”, pronounced ode, lacks the same pizazz as ”pie”.

”Open the syndication channels, Ohd.”

”I can’t do that, Sam.”

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2003-08-30 07:44:26

Heh. But I’m pretty sure that would end up Ohd pronounced Odd. (And probably QRR wouldn’t be pronounced choir, either).

Comment by Andrew Zubritsky #
2003-10-07 05:28:34

I like Pie, too.

Trackback by Many-to-Many #
2003-09-15 09:40:31

The Standard-That-Must-Not-Be-Named?

In the comments section of his own blog, Russell Beattie writes: Atom has been stalled. It doesn’t have a name, it doesn’t have a spec that anyone agrees on. And zealots who hang out on the Wiki 24-7 have hijacked…

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