Confidential to someone with duct tape over his mouth

While each one will indeed either transfer 1/m or 1/(m-n), m is not fixed: it is affected by both psychological and sociological factors. If you believe you are transferring 1/(m-n), you may not take the same steps to constrain m that you will if you know you are transferring 1/m.

Also, it can be hard to tell assumed ironic self-importance from genuine inflated self-importance. The assumed sort is quite common among people who really enjoy trivial but fun things: try hanging out with a bunch of grown men launching styrofoam gliders off the top of a cliff, discussing aerodynamics when really it’s just a kick in the pants to throw big paper airplanes. You’re less likely to be ordered to clean the garage instead if you make it sound like a serious hobby.


Comment by Stuart Langridge #
2005-02-20 00:18:17

Yo, Phil, you can’t be smoking that stuff while you’re posting.

WTF is all that bit about 1/(m-n)? Am I too dim to understand how this relates to anything?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-02-20 20:36:01