My priest

I find it rather astonishing that I have a priest.

I was raised by skeptics to be a skeptic. I’m aware that it’s possible that a large fraction of the people who’ve lived on the earth over the last few thousand years have had an all-powerful supernatural being speak directly into their head. I have not. The only voices I hear are those that talk underneath the sound of running rivers, and when they aren’t saying that cast was lame, dude they tend to say things like Kansas orange right canteen fifty, so if that’s God speaking to me, he’s a rather obscure quarterback who probably should have made sure I got a copy of the playbook sometime before the season started.

But, while I was looking at who did and didn’t make the transition from Bloglines to Feed on Feeds, I realized that somewhere along the line AKMA had slipped out of my aggregator, and I stuffed him back in just in time to catch his homily wherein he made Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an everflowing stream sound like a good way to live your life, rather than conjuring visions of Crusades and burning me at the stake, and then his wedding blessing that makes marriage sound like such a blessing that the couple gives to their community that for a little while, I considered taking my wizened soul out to look for a soulmate.

I find it astonishing, and delightful, that apparently I have a priest.

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Comment by AKMA #
2005-02-21 10:04:01

No kinder words possible. Thank you, Phil.

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