So funky I broke my hip

I was a bit surprised, back in the “funky RSS” days, that there weren’t any poster-boy aggregators that were confused by funky RSS. I guess it was just because there weren’t any minimalist aggregators, written by RSS outsiders. Then.

This is Instapundit’s RSS 2.0 feed. No <title>, because he does a funky “first three words capitalized” thing instead of titles, which is fine and legal. Firefox’s Live Bookmarks require some sort of title-thing, but without a title element, they’ll fall back on a date, and only completely fail on feeds without either one. But, I wasn’t paying enough attention, and didn’t notice that the fallback only recognizes dc:date in an RSS 1.0 feed, and only recognizes pubDate (or atom:updated) when it’s parsing XML instead of RDF.

Dave Winer, meet your vindication.

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Comment by Mike Mariano #
2005-03-18 06:48:01

Another political blog, Joshua Micah Marshall’s Talking Points Memo, also uses the first three words for an entry’s title. Originally Marshall’s feed did not include a title, either. This made viewing it in the Sage sidebar fun: rows of blank entries would appear. Only by hovering blindly could one get a hint of Marshall’s postings. I like to hover.

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