<Building the Symantec Web>

Probably it’s just the fever talking (The flu for Christmas? You shouldn’t have!), but I found this (spellchecker-induced?) typo in the eWeek article A Man and His Vision for the Browser about Sir TimBL hilarious:

Much of this work currently revolves around his concept for a more abstract, data-oriented online communications network, or what he calls the Symantec Web.

That must be the web where everything’s horribly slow due to all the layers of security software, but the malware still sneaks through?


Comment by Dorothea #
2005-12-25 17:59:59

*roflmao* Now that’s comedy.

Comment by Kafkaesquí #
2005-12-25 20:35:57

If this in any way allows us to hold Peter Norton responsible for any future problems on the Web, I’m for it.

Comment by Alastair #
2005-12-25 21:40:50

I would laugh but I’ve made exactly the same typo myself.

Comment by Jonathon Delacour #
2005-12-25 22:43:07

Developing for the Symantec Web must have been slow too — perhaps because ”on platforms which didn’t have wizzywig [sic] editors… people were prepared to go to the trouble of learning all the angle brackets and doing the html.”

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-12-26 19:05:46