A Google just for <me>

Now that’s my kind of Google: via their results weblog, Last Google (Beta), providing you with the last thing Google wants you to see. For lots of things we both talk about, Randy‘s got me beat for the bottom, since he’s been going out of his way to post duplicate content, but there’s still an enormous number of things for which I’m the very last thing you should look at.

In related news, so far I’m very happy with my switch to searching Yahoo!: their results are quite good, and I’m much happier having to sift through five different sites with the same Wikipedia article than I am wondering what’s being mistakenly hidden from me every time I search. Google may be mostly okay if there’s one and only one possible result for your searches (something that I remember being fairly true a few years ago, when “I’m feeling lucky” was moderately useful, but these days I’m only rarely looking for one exact page), but if you want to look around and decide for yourself, Yahoo! feels like a better bet.


Comment by Matt Mower #
2006-01-12 00:56:24

Hi Phil.

Thanks for your post the other day. Whatever you have done it seems to have worked as I just searched for ”Phil Ringnalda” on Google and http://weblog.philringnalda.com/ came up as #1.

I’m going to try and get aggregators to stop publishing my content and have asked Userland to remove the test blog you noticed was still live.

I guess I just have to hope this is enough to restore my fragile page rank…

And thank you just for responding.


Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2006-01-12 01:35:27