Get your tinfoil hat on

I’ve actually made it several months, since I repaved my laptop, without a hosts file, but somehow today made me feel a touch paranoid.

But now I can’t decide what I should be returning from localhost, to have a function available to call so my error console doesn’t fill up with “Error: urchinTracker is not defined” messages. Maybe a pretty little translucent window sliding in and out saying “All your click behavior are belong to Google”?

Also of vague interest: for some reason, my aggregator chooses to display and order posts from Atom 0.3 feeds by the <atom:created> date, so the post announcing the Urchin free-for-all showed up down among last Friday’s things, since the author (clearly identified as an individual and personal voice in the feed metadata as “A Googler”) started the process of writing it and then getting it approved through who knows how many layers of lawyers and PR people at 2005-11-12T00:37:45Z, or 4:37 pm Pacific Time on the 11th. Dunno why anyone would want to admit that to the world at large, but then people admit the most remarkable things in metadata.


Comment by James #
2005-11-14 23:03:44

Hold out for Anemone, we won’t be quite so evil ;)

(you do have an account at TextDrive, right?)

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2005-11-14 23:11:44