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Quoting from Sucking less, on a budget, for reasons that will be obvious to some:


A friend asked me today if Camino 1.1 was even in alpha. Heck, we’re on alpha two, but I guess we haven’t really done the best job of promoting it. To some extent, that’s reasonable, alphas generally aren’t the kind of thing you want your grandmother using. However, our standards are usually a little higher than most, and I’ve been running 1.1a2 daily on both home and work machines for a while.

In fact, we’re really close to beta. We wanted to have something for Presidents Day (Abe Lincoln is a *huge* Camino fan) but we extended our deadline to pick up some last minute crash fixes. I promise to blog about it when we do reach beta, and we’re going to have an increased presence, both on the Camino website and among download sites. It’s important that we get a lot of people to try it out and send us feedback before we go final.

Ben disputes my claim that Camino never crashes. Personally, I think he’s on crack. I have 1.1a2 running for over a month and a half of intense usage on both my laptops and my work desktop without a single crash. Maybe it’s because I turn Java off. What’s Java, you ask? Beats me. I think I used it in 1995. Really, would you allow a 12-year old to run wild in your browser? I think the blink tag is more relevant these days….props to Lou Montulli.

If Pacman Jones can make it rain for $81,000, then I want to be a stripper. Seriously. What’s the visual of a man walking into a club with $81,000 in his pocket?

Oh, I’m sorry, did I digress from Mozilla-related content? Oops. I did it again.

(In fact, they did go beta, but that was just today, so you can’t expect pink to know yet.)


Comment by Shelley #
2007-02-24 22:07:51


Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2007-02-24 22:16:00

Hey, Shell.

Yeah, I should do something about the way I don’t admit that you’ll be silently moderated, but I turned it on when I went to Idaho last summer, and never felt like turning it off, since it catches Akismet’s failures rather nicely.

And yeah, I should do something about actually posting something, but… it gets complicated.

Oh, and the nutshell explanation of this post is in the SVN log for Planet Mozilla.

Comment by mph #
2007-02-24 23:03:23


Oh … and lookit that … something about Camino!

Comment by Kafkaesquí #
2007-02-25 20:13:43

Did you know that the Camino Real trail in East Texas is marked by pink granite stones. Something to think about.

Good to see you alive, Phil.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2007-02-25 20:31:45

That would be much better than my primary association for Camino, which is a friend who owned an old beater El Camino known as ’meano (I was never sure how he spelled it, but I always preferred the ea).

I probably should have mentioned at some point that you can make sure I’m still alive in my ”other blog” – the context is generally missing, but being moderated certainly improves my overall quality.

Comment by Aristotle Pagaltzis #
2007-12-30 07:22:50

There is barely anything from you even on QBO anymore (and it really didn’t make up for the blog anyway). I still miss reading you.

Comment by Shelley #
2007-02-25 22:47:38

So, how’s tricks. Is life treating you good?

Been out to any good fishing spots?

New dogs? Cats? Kids? Visitors from Saturn?

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2007-02-25 23:21:47

Good, without being particularly new.

The only noteworthy fishing news of the year was doing the annual Idaho trip by myself, since nobody else could make it this year, which would have been an interesting bit of solitude except that I rammed an eight inch bridge spike through a tire one day, drove 200 miles to Missoula to get it fixed the next, then picked up another smaller nail the day after that, so I got plenty of interaction with tire store employees and customers.

Much goodness, too, though: I can still picture absolutely every detail of sitting on the bank one evening when a yearling moose came out on the other side, ambled across the river, and went into the brush on my side a hundred yards away, without showing any sign of noticing me. And, well, a million other things – I can picture every detail of the scrunch of gravel and the sticky-raspy touch of Russian knapweed on my legs stepping off the road at the Cow Elk pool, or the slightly different grind of volcanic ash and the exact same touch of knapweed at Green Drake… am I retired yet?

Comment by Jacques Distler #
2007-03-05 19:29:26

In fact, they did go beta, but that was just today, so you can’t expect pink to know yet.

Is the beta Cairo-enabled? I ask, because of this comment.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2007-03-05 19:51:45

Nope, 1.1 is off the 1.8branch, approximately equivalent to Firefox 2.0, so its passport hasn’t ever been stamped in Egypt.

Cairo? It hardly even met ’er!

Comment by Geodog #
2007-03-06 23:32:35

Delighted to see you pop up on the radar screen, if only briefly. And I really enjoyed your own version of twitter — ”interrogation is much quicker than inventing something to read patterns from a dead brain” indeed.


Comment by Network Geek #
2007-10-10 14:09:02

So, I stubled on to this blog through some long, obscure series of clicks while slacking at work, but what a joy. I totally remember you from when I ran MoveableType. Oy, you were such an MT zealot in those days! Now, like you, I run WordPress and, like you, loved that I made the switch. So, do you still blog at all? Anywhere? Hey, is this thing on?

Comment by James #
2007-12-30 00:53:43 will get you phil related content. Speaking of blogs, this one seems to have reverted to redirecting to

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2007-12-30 01:38:47

Though tag: is a crapshoot, since most people don’t bother tagging.

/feed/atom ⇒ /feed shouldn’t be a reversion, though, unless I’m confused: I think I’ve been doing that since I finally decided that I would not publish RSS.

Comment by James #
2007-12-30 10:17:34

Ah, so the redirection is not the reversion, but /feed is definitely serving me RSS right now.

Comment by James #
2008-01-29 10:47:46

For the record, this was fixed on 24/1/08.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2008-01-29 19:46:50

Yep, thanks. I had your comment sitting in my inbox, nagging at me to figure out why I saw Atom when you saw RSS, but bugspam’s made me pretty good at resisting the nagging effect of mail, so it wound up taking Sam Ruby accusing me of actually intentionally serving RSS to discover that it’s apparently possible, in some way I haven’t quite figured out, to make the Fx preview page pretend that you are force-refreshing when it’s actually still serving from the cache.

Comment by Sam Ruby #
2008-01-30 07:18:37

My theory: WordPress actually serves the same ETAG for the RSS and Atom feeds. Mind you, I haven’t bothered to prove it, but it would explain both the strangeness that I have seen, and perhaps even what you see above. Does a force-refresh still send IF-NONE-MATCH and/or IF-MODIFIED-SINCE headers?

Comment by James #
2008-04-09 08:08:21

Yeah, WordPress just hashes the last-modified date to generate the ETag. I can’t follow the code since mxr/lxr (why are there two?) are misbehaving and not searching usefully, but I did find out that a force-reload doesn’t send any headers.

The late comment is due to your spam link removal/wordpress upgrade making the post reappear on Planet Mozilla.

Comment by James #
2008-10-25 10:55:36

And you’ve regressed to RSS again, after upgrading to 2.6.3.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2008-10-25 12:01:07

A smart man would just write a plugin, rather than continually hacking at feed.php, wouldn’t he?

I’ve been pretty good about it, but this time Dreamhost’s automatic upgrade took four tries before they actually upgraded me, and I got tired of checking to see whether or not it had worked yet. Thanks for the warning that it finally did.

Comment by Marcus #
2010-08-26 21:10:42

Ye just popped into my head, again, so just here to confirm that you haven’t been secretly updating over these past few years.

Comment by Phil Ringnalda #
2010-08-26 22:28:29

None of us has time to post anymore, we’re all too busy chasing around trying to figure out where all the rest of us have gone.

Comment by Marcus #
2014-08-26 20:10:29

It felt like a good time to check in again. Hope things are going well.

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