If you use Firefox’s Live Bookmarks much, you’ll eventually run across a feed you want to add that doesn’t include the code to trigger Firefox’s autodiscovery button, so you have to add the Live Bookmark manually. Going through Bookmarks, Manage Bookmarks..., File, New Live Bookmark... every time gets annoying about the second time you have to do it, so LiveBookmarkThis is a tiny extension which adds a Add Live Bookmark option to the context menu you get from right-clicking on a link (any link, since it’s not possible to tell a link to a feed from any other link).

LiveBookmarkThis version 0.3: works in Firefox 1.5 and trunk builds (starting from mid-August 2005); handles feed:http:// and feed:// links as well as normal http:// links.

LiveBookmarkThis version 0.2: works in Firefox 1.0 through 1.0.7